52 Week Challenge - MADE WITH LIGHT

I've borrowed a challenge from Ian Smissen to take a photograph a week for a year, 52 in four categories, to improve creativity. Ian's project is about landscape photographs, mine is not restricted by genre. Also, for me, post-processing is part-and-parcel of the creative process and so my photographs have been manipulated; some not much, a small number quite a bit, to arrive at the images presented here.

The 52 topics and four categories are:

Feelings and Emotions: Joy, Power, Anger, Loss, Curiosity, Drama, Solitude, Wonder, Peace, Recovery, Warmth, Cold, Serendipity.

Tools and Techniques: Black and White, Square Format, Panorama, Slow Shutter Speed, Intentional Camera Movement, Freezing the Action, HDR, Macro, Depth of Field, Ultra Wide-angle, Telephoto, Night photography, Point of View. 

Compositional Strategies: Curves, Circles and Triangles, Diagonals, Abstract, Horizontals, Dominant Mass, Figure/Ground, Repetition, Point of Power, Depth, Odds, Leading Lines, Verticals. 

Associations and Ideas: Windows, Friends, Simplicity, Rhythm, Far Horizons, Colour, Texture, Odd one out, Old, Symmetry, Minimalism, Reflection, Movement.

The idea is to show an image that is representative of each topic. One a week commencing Monday 1 January 2018 and ending Sunday 30 December 2018. Hopefully I'll post one per week but travel or being away from home may prevent that in which case I'll just update this page as I can. 

Each topic is assigned a card from a deck of 52 playing cards with one of the four suits representing a category. Each week a card is selected at random and that's the topic for the week. Another card is drawn at the end of the week and so on, with repeats requiring a re-draw, till 52 cards have been dealt and 52 photographs taken. That way I won't be able to pre-shoot a week and, more importantly, creativity will be only focused on the current topic. You'll have to trust me that I haven't cheated and 'looked ahead' by dealing out several cards! Obviously, as December draws closer I'll know what's coming...but hey, nothing's perfect. 

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